Money Savings and Exclusive Focus

If you have a product that requires specialized skills, or you want to have a core group of tech’s that handle most, or all of your calls, we can provide dedicated support representatives to meet your specific criteria.

Our facilities are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico with a significantly lower cost of living, and therefore lower average wages and overhead costs than the national average, and the majority of the United States. With over 750,000 people in the area, we have an extremely diverse and talented pool of potential employees. Other companies such as Intel, Gateway, and Earthlink have located operations in Albuquerque because of the cost savings it provides, and the extremely talented local resource pool of employees.

Clients normally calculate costs for hiring staff in-house, in addition to their overhead costs. Then, they compare hiring a dedicated support technician through Tier 3 Support, and they often tell us that they are saving 20% to 50% of their local labor and overhead costs.

Based on your requirements for experience and skill level, we can provide pricing for dedicated technicians with basic desktop support, to the highest level of engineering skills.

To receive detailed pricing information, please visit our Request Pricing Info page.

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