Pricing structure for quality support

Two forms of pricing dominate the Call Center and Technical Support fields: they are:

· Per-call pricing

· Per Minute pricing

We at Tier 3 Support are committed to “Per Minute” pricing. Here’s why:

Flat “per-call” providers base their rates on the estimated average length of your calls. This means that once a caller goes over the average, the provider starts losing money. Therefore, to reduce loss of profits, many Flat “per-call” providers try to hurry callers off the line by giving unsatisfactory answers, referring them somewhere else, or having them call back – which generates another call that will be billed to you. Essentially this means that if you are billed on a Flat “per-call” basis you will either be paying too much, or the quality of service will not meet the standards of you or your customers.

Tier 3 Support recognizes that a company’s greatest asset is its customers. To many people, the way they are treated by Technical Support is a direct reflection of how much their business is valued by a company. We will never rush a customer off the phone or terminate a call without doing everything in our power to make certain that they are 100% satisfied. We know that you work hard to get your customers – and we will work just as hard to keep them.

Please visit our Customer Comments page to view just some of the many emails of thanks and praise that we received on a daily basis from our callers. For more detailed pricing information, please visit our “Request Pricing Info” page.

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