Quality Support At A Fraction Of The Cost

Tier 3 Support recognizes that all our clients are unique. To meet these diverse needs, our experts work with each company to determine projected call volumes, technical requirements and if Dedicated or Shared support technicians are the most effective cost solution. Once these factors are determined, we design a customized package to fit every budget.

So how do our cost advantages break down mathematically? Let’s take a look:

· We offer services 24x7.

· A 24-hour week equals 168 hours.

· 168 hours requires over 4 full-time employees just to have a single person available to answer calls (4 employees x 40 hours a week = 160 hours).

· During “peak call” hours, one employee would not be sufficient to answer all the incoming calls without creating long wait times (which would result in customer dissatisfaction).

· Since every company has “peak call” hours, 4 full-time technicians would not be nearly enough to staff the support lines.

· Therefore, most companies with even a small call volume would require 6 or more full-time employees to meet their call needs.

It would take a minimum of six full time employees – yet we are able to provide these services for less than the cost of a single part-time employee!

And when you include the additional expenses of “doing it yourself”, such as salaries, phone lines, phone equipment, computers, management time, office space and a host of other costs, it is easy to see that using Tier 3 Support will result in significant savings.

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