Service options to meet your needs, and your budget.

Tier 3 Support provides call center services for companies of every size and product type. Our friendly and professional staff provides superior technical support, customer support, and help desk services. From a few calls per month to thousands of calls per day, Tier 3 Support can meet your customer support needs. Many of our technicians are MCSE or A+ certified or have IT experience. We enable your company growth with our scalable telephone, email, or online-based support services.

We provide clients with shared representatives or support personnel dedicated full-time to their products. Tier 3 Support constantly works with every client to ensure that our representatives integrate closely with our clients’ companies. This empowers our representatives to provide each customer with the most effective, current, and accurate solutions. Our representatives provide concise and vital feedback to our clients from customers, creating an effective feedback process for each client. Tier 3 Support has technical support and customer support plans to meet your needs, meet your budget, and exceed you and your customers’ expectations.

For more details about our support plans, please see our Dedicated Support and Shared Support pages.

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