Virtual On-Site Support For Your Customers

This amazing tool – whose interface can be customized to your brand and be directly linked from your website – allows customers to transfer control of their PC directly over to one of our technical support representatives. As a result, instead of having to struggle with a problem themselves, the customer can simply sit back, relax and watch as our technicians correct whatever may be wrong. If the customer is not using the phone line for a modem, they can even speak with us during the process and we will gladly explain what we’re doing each step of the way. This powerful technology simultaneously enhances the customer’s experience while dramatically lowering the time it takes to fix technical issues. For the client, this often translates into lower call times and therefore reduced monthly costs.

Just some of the capabilities of PC Remote Contol include:

• Chat - enables a representative and user to immediately connect and chat in real time, reducing wait times and improving overall customer satisfaction.

• ScreenSharing - empowers representatives to immediately engage in a virtual on-site support session with your users, quickly resolving even the toughest issues. It also allows representatives to show his/her desktop to the user while retaining exclusive mouse and keyboard control. This helps teach customers how to resolve their own issues and can lower call volumes.

• Session Transfer - representatives can live transfer support escalations, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and first-time resolution rates.

• Whiteboard - allows both your representative and the user to draw, highlight and type on each other's screens. This training tool allows your users to see exactly how to resolve their issues, thus greatly improving customer satisfaction and reducing call-handling times.

• File Transfer - enables fast and easy two-way document and file exchange during a session. Representatives no longer have to email important documents, links, or patches to users. File Transfer securely executes patches to resolve the customer issue immediately.

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