Can I get a custom greeting?

Yes. We create unique, customized greetings which include your company’s name and any other information you require.

Can you answer all my calls, day or night or even in unusual blocks of time?

Yes. We provide infinite versatility to meet all your phone system needs. These options include:

· Answering all your calls during any hours, day or night.

· Allowing you to answer calls during the day, then switching to Tier 3 Support at night.

· Answering your calls during certain hours, then switching to voice mail after you leave the office.

We will work with you to create the best plan possible to meet all of your needs. There are no limitations!

Can I give my customers options like “Press 1 for Tech Support; 2 for Customer Service” etc.?

Yes. To maximize efficiency, you can have up to 9 options on one level of the tree with additional options below. Tier 3 Support even supplies reports on how each option is used to help you identify which aspects of your business are generating the most calls.

How does your phone system route calls to your staff?

Our phone system uses ACD (Automatic Call Distribution). This begins when a Tech Support agent logs into the phone queues. Once an agent is logged on, the system automatically sends them a call. If they are busy, it routes the call to the next available agent. The system will then send calls to the person who has been idle the longest, and then the next longest idle time, etc., until the call reaches the representative who has been idle for the shortest time. This ensures that calls are balanced and agents have adequate time to wrap up each call and record all pertinent information into our database.

What kind of phone system do you have?

We utilize a Siemens* Office Hi-Com Pro PBX phone system.

(*Siemens award winning solutions have garnered the 2002 Business Development Strategy Award from Frost and Sullivan, the 2002 Editor’s Choice from Customer Inter@action Solutions Magazine, Product of the Year from Communications Solutions Magazine and Product of the Year from Internet Telephony Magazine.)

How many phone lines can it handle?

There is virtually no limit to the calls we can receive. When necessary, our system can expand to numerous T1 lines, which can accommodate hundreds of simultaneous calls. Secondary on-site NEC systems and off-site hosted phone system solutions are also available.

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