Are Toll Free (1-800) numbers included?

Yes. 1-800 numbers are included in all our pricing so long as at least 90% of your calls originate within the continental United States.

If I choose, can I purchase the 1-800 number you provide?

Yes. We understand that brand name with telephone number association is a valuable commodity. At your request, we can submit paperwork to transfer the 1-800 number we provide into your name. Currently, there is a $49 charge for this service, in addition to any applicable fees from the provider.

What if I already have a 1-800 number? Do I have to purchase a new one from you?

No. If you have an existing 1-800 number, we can provide a telephone number at our call center to point to your current toll free listing.

Can I get a number in my local area?

Yes, but that is something you will need to set up with your local telephone company. Tier 3 Support cannot initiate this procedure since we are (probably) not located in your area and the phone number would have to be in your name. However, once you contact your local phone company and get a local number, you can have the phone company automatically forward that number to us. Since the number we provide to you is a 1-800 listing, you won’t pay for any long distance charges on the calls that are forwarded to us.

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