Monthly pricing per dedicated representative

This powerful plan provides dedicated, full-time agents who are assigned exclusively to your company, and meet your custom job requirements. Working only for you, these knowledgeable Technical Support Technicians and Customer Support Representative’s (CSR) can fulfill your most demanding jobs while providing a wide range of services. These include:

· Answering calls and emails.

· Generating custom reports.

· Creating unique website content (such as building FAQ areas, etc.).

· Improving manuals by working hand-in-hand with your documentation writers.

· Consulting with Project Managers to create product enhancements.

· Working with your staff to test upcoming product revisions.

· And much, much more.

Designed to meet your changing needs, this adaptable plan has virtually no limitations on how many – or how few – representatives you have at any time. You can begin with a single support agent and enlarge your team as needed. Depending on your product’s lifecycle and your company’s fluctuating needs, all staffing enhancements can be on a regular or temporary basis and in part-time or full-time increments. It’s like having your own staffing agency, management team, and facilities, at a fraction of the cost and with none of the hassles!

For additional savings, we also offer a Combination Plan where “shared representatives” fill in during peak times and seasons, or during lower call volumes after business hours. No matter the job, we can always provide the talent and skill you need – when you need it.

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